I Never Knew I Could Do This…

To be honest, I joined doTERRA so I could buy the oils at the best price possible.  I love the oils! I love what they do for me and my family.  I have grown to love what they do for others who try them!  I really am passionate about living and sharing a healthy life style.  So it was natural for me to talk about and share not just my story but samples of the oils. I found that people in our culture suffer from so many of the same common health concerns. I discovered that these oils have so many beneficial properties that can have a positive affect on anyone who uses them.

Just as it made sense for me to buy the oils at wholesale from my own account so could have them on hand when needed, my friends wanted to have their own accounts as well!  As I got to know doTERRA’s culture and their heart for helping others, I found that it really aligned with my own values!

Word of mouth (and samples) between friends is by far the most effective way of marketing these unique products. Traditional advertising like tv, magazines and billboards could not convey the message that these oils can with just one little drop.  doTERRA essential oils can have hundreds of unique compounds that make up an individual essential oil. They are not easily explained “but”, they are easily experienced!

“The Oils”, they’re not easily explained, but they are easily experienced!

The truth is, I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use an extra $300-$600 per month if only to get their oils paid for. That happened for us in about two months simply by sharing the oils. But we had no idea our wholesale account would grow into the business that it is today. That happened because:

  • The oils work
  • People want the best price for them
  • People love to share their success with others, then:
    • The oils work
    • People want the best price for them
    • People love to share their success with others!

Here’s a secret if you promise not to tell: Not everyone wants to have their own business, only about 15%. Most doTERRA members (85%) are satisfied with a 25-55% discount off of products that are so effective, they would buy them even at retail.  This is why those who are effectively building a doTERRA business have been so successful!

doTERRA really is a fantastic financial opportunity for anyone who is willing to build it.  It does take some work but when you are passionate about what you are doing, the work becomes your passion!

Do you ever feel like you can’t get ahead? Are bills and debt piling up? Is there too much month at the end of the money? Are you so busy working to pay someone else to watch your kids, only to realize that you are missing why you wanted kids in the first place?

If this is you, we should talk. No pressure. No sales pitch. Certainly no get rich quick scheme. Just a simple process of helping others to a more natural lifestyle while becoming the healer in your home!

You can comment with questions, PM me or message me on Facebook and we can start a dialogue.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



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