How Fermented Foods Work on the Weight When you start down the path of adding fermented foods to your daily routine, you may hear that the foods will help with weight loss. What you may not know is how much they may help with your weight loss, how they actually work, and what you need to do to get the most benefits to your weight loss journey. Here are some ways that fermented foods can help you on your specific weight loss journey. Removing Digestive Blockages The first way that fermented foods help with weight loss is by removing digestive blockages in your path. ThisRead More →

Yes, you can get it off the shelf The truth is that most people will want to add fermented foods to their diets for the sake of weight loss or digestive health. The second half of that truth is that most of those people, including you probably, will not have the time or the inclination to ferment their own foods. This leads you to using store bought fermented foods from local health food stores or general grocery stores. If this sounds like your situation, then you may be wondering what foods to start with. Here are a few to consider and why. Kefir Kefir isRead More →