About Isabel

Isabel Calkins lives in Fort Mill, South Carolina with her husband of 29 years and two of their four adopted children. She was born and raised in the Philippines and moved to the States when she was 11. She has been a professional Flight Attendant for 30 years.
Her passion for health was birthed when she adopted her son who was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. Through her research, she learned that your DNA is NOT your destiny! That by incorporating a healthy lifestyle of de-stressing, detoxification and eating nutrient dense foods, your body heals at the cellular level.
On this journey of discovery specific to her son Jason and his conditions, she found that Jason’s birth mom had inflammatory breast cancer during her pregnancy that went undiagnosed until after his birth. His mom also had a number of Amalgam fillings in her teath. Isabel believes that all of these factors contributed to his moms poor health. Like all children, Jason had inherited his moms immune system.
As an infant born in America, he then received the plethora of immunizations into this already comprimized immune system. At this point it is not so important who to blame but what’s to blame. Families dealing with Autism have not been able to count on mainstream medicine for a solution or even effective treatments. Often the drugs offered may reduce the stress on the families at the expense of the child. Isabel was offered drugs to address his symptoms and behaviors but she was looking for the root cause in order to help him overcome and even thrive with the life he was given!
In 2012 she began a year long course of study with New York’s Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she obtained her Certification as a Holistic Health Coach with a focus on nutrient-dense (real) foods. She went on to obtain certifications from the American Association of Drugless Practicioners and certification on Intestinal Hyper-permiability (Leaky Gut) from Systemic Formulas. She has also studied extensively under Dr. Daniel Pompa, author of “The Cellular Healing Diet” and world renowned expert on Cellular Healing.
She is passionate about teaching the essentials of a healthy lifestyle through real foods and natural health remedies!